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How Much Do Movers Cost in Alberta?

Every Moving Counts


Creating an itemized budget needs to be the first thing on your list of things to accomplish when you are considering a move to a new property in the beautiful area of Alberta. One thing to consider is that hiring an Alberta moving company to transfer your most beloved and costly possessions in a secure manner is a significant expense that each member of the family is responsible for bearing. However, when you see the drum-tight shrink covering protecting your furniture from nicks and scratches as well as water damage caused by sudden storms, you will undoubtedly feel that the ease of mind and comfort that you have gained made the investment worthwhile.

For the purpose of making preparations for professional packing needs such as these, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the main elements that influence the costs that local and long-distance movers in Edmonton, provide you with.

Moving Costs in Alberta: Understanding the Averages and Variables

At its core, residential relocations essentially boil down to what necessities must get moved from Point A to Point B, along with what level of handling care and ownership insurance policies you desire by movers in Edmonton, Alberta, over precious armchairs that have stayed loyal through countless family movie nights and sentimental heirlooms handed down generations.

Because everyone’s goals and properties are different in Alberta, it makes sense that the independent moving quotes will also be different depending on the situation. Still, putting together averages from the top Alberta movers across the whole state shows a few reliable standards:

  • Based on the hourly fee, local moves within city borders range from $65 to $150.
  • Regional relocations between cities in Alberta have a base rate of $1,500 or more.
  • Interprovincial migrations to neighboring provinces are subject to a base fee of $3,000 or more.
  • Cross-country transitions are subject to a base rate of $5,000 or more.

There are a number of factors that will eventually determine whether the overall prices are more or lower than these averages. These factors include the distance between your current residence and your new residence, as well as the total number of belongings that are being transferred. On the other hand, prospective customers can use these data of movers in Edmonton, Alberta, as a relative baseline for the sake of budgeting.

Decoding Common Terminology of Relocation Expenditures with Alberta Movers

When requesting formal moving quotes, you will inevitably encounter movers in Edmonton, Alberta, using industry vernacular to classify the various services or fees. Thus, we have curated descriptions of the most prevalent terminology tied to costs below as a helpful reference:

  • Core Transportation Rate – covers actual loading, road transit mileage, and unloading manpower along with necessary equipment by Alberta moving company. Rates increase incrementally with the total distance traveled and quantity of belongings occupying the truck space.
  • Packing/Unpacking – service for client’s items to be packed at current residence and subsequently unloaded/arranged at the new home by an Alberta moving company rather than personally completing tasks. Charged hourly with rates based on team size.
  • Additional Insured Valuation – default liability policies from Alberta movers cover only $0.60/pound. However, properties worth exceeding such paltry coverage require adding supplemental insurance, which escalates the client’s total expenditures.
  • Long Carry Charges – an extra fee incurred by movers in Edmonton, Alberta, when no loading docks are accessible, such as private residences up narrow driveways or flights of stairs. Entails additional labor and equipment like dollies. Long carries over 75 feet often warrant charges.
  • Bulky Item Fees – apply to inventory requiring special handling due to excessive dimensions, fragility, and orientations ill-fitted for passing through standard door frames. For example, motorized sit-to-stand desks, marble dining sets, gun cabinets, etc.

Put Your Trust In GOTZ2Go For a Stress-Free Relocation Experience

As you can see from the overview of the elements that influence domestic moving prices in Alberta that were presented earlier, the final estimated costs are dependent on a number of criteria. These factors include the size of your property, the distance that you are moving, and the services that you desire. Due to the fact that you are required to keep track of a large number of details, such as property evaluations, contacts with the realtor, insurance, utility changes, and many others, it is also more difficult to personally ensure that the move goes smoothly and safely.

In light of this, GOTZ2Go places a strong emphasis not only on providing you with precise and comprehensive moving estimates that are adapted to your particular requirements but also on taking care of all the details at every stage of the process if you decide to do business with us as your trusted Alberta moving company.

Our teams of professional packers, drivers, and movers take a CUSTOMER-FIRST approach to residential and commercial belongings transport with extensive experience spanning:

  • There are local moves that take place within cities such as Edmonton, Calgary, and High River.
  • Regional relocations are the process of connecting cities or communities located anywhere in Alberta.
  • The coordination of long-distance travel throughout Canada between regions of different provinces
  • We are responsible for managing the process of packing, loading, and unloading.
  • When transitions occur, it is important to have secure storage solutions in place.
  • Specialized relocation services for large pieces of furniture, safes, pianos, and artwork
  • Providers of transportation services for vehicles.

In addition, we offer assured pricing that takes into account taxes and any insurance that may be required; this ensures that there are no unexpectedly high fees at the very last minute! Contact GOTZ2Go immediately at 587-830-5109 to acquire a free quote from the most reputable Alberta movers. Alternatively, you may visit us at any time on our website to receive virtual quotes.


Does GOTZ2Go offer packing supplies like boxes and tape?

Yes! We sell a full range of packing boxes, tape, protective bubble wrap, mattress bags, furniture pads, and other supplies to DIY clients. Ask us about special combo deals!

What are the signs of a fraudulent moving company?

Too-cheap pricing, no company website/address, no licensing, vague details, high-pressure sales tactics, and cash-only payments are just a few warning signs. GOTZ2Go is fully certified.

Does GOTZ2Go offer storage facilities during a move?

We partner with insured storage centers across Alberta to accommodate storage needs before, during, or after relocations for ultimate flexibility.

What sets GOTZ2Go apart from other movers?

We put the CUSTOMER FIRST, offer guaranteed all-inclusive flat rate pricing, have highly trained teams, hold industry certifications, and have decades of moving experience between us, making us the best choice for stress-free moves!