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How Much Do Movers Cost in Calgary?

Every Moving Counts

In the event that you are considering a relocation to the Calgary area in the near future, determining the potential costs involved should be your priority. The cost of hiring a professional to carry your goods in a secure manner is a big investment; nonetheless, it is well worth it in order to decrease the stress that comes with moving day.

To ensure that you have reasonable expectations when getting estimates from skilled movers in Calgary, let’s take a look at the important factors that determine the cost.

The Average Rates of Calgary Movers

On average, the hourly rates that the majority of “movers in Calgary” charge for basic moves that take place within the city limits of Calgary range from $65 to $150 per hour. Generally speaking, the normal expenses consist of the truck, the equipment, the gas/mileage, and a predetermined number of experienced movers. Exact hourly rates vary depending on factors such as the following:

Accessibility concerns, such as elevators, stairs, and obstacles; truck size, which includes the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and valuables; the amount of time required for loading and transporting the vehicle

You should anticipate that local movements will take between four and six hours from start to finish and cost between two hundred sixty and nine hundred dollars before other fees, such as tips, are added.

Long Distance Movers From Calgary

Flat transport costs are typically charged by a Calgary mover company that are equipped to handle relocations that extend beyond the municipality. These rates are determined by total miles, site accessibility discrepancies, and load sizes. A minimum of two specialists, a huge enclosed vehicle measuring more than 26 feet, equipment, insurance protections, and other services are typically included in the rates. Here is a selection of base quotes that are commonly used:

  • Transportation from Calgary to neighboring cities and towns (within 200 miles) costs between $1500 and $2500 or more.
  • Transportation from Calgary to farther places (more than 200 miles) costs between $2500 and $5,000 or more.

Additionally, you need to provide a personalized quote for international shipping.

When it comes to long-distance offers, additional road miles, delivery locations and scheduling typically result in an increase of $500 or more every instance. The specific rates are totally determined by the particulars and conditions of your transfer to a different area.

What Other Relocation Fees Might I Incur?

In addition to the base fee for transportation of your belongings, most Calgary mover companies offer various extra services that could become relevant or necessary for your specific moving situation, likely with some additional fees attached.

Some of the most common extra services that Calgary movers may be able to provide include full or partial packing and unpacking assistance. This consists of:

  • The movers pack up some or all of your possessions at your original location as well as unpack the boxes and place items into your new home.
  • Such packing and unpacking assistance typically cost between $30-65 per hour, depending on the number of movers dedicated to this task.
  • This can be quite convenient since it prevents you from having to pack everything in advance before the movers arrive to transport your belongings.

For added peace of mind and protection in safeguarding highly fragile or valuable belongings like artwork, mirrors, flatscreen TVs, family heirlooms, and so forth, full custom crating services may be advisable when coordinating a move with qualified Calgary movers. This often includes:

  • Interior braces, cushioning, and anchoring for maximum protection from cracks, chips, or other damage while loading onto the truck, throughout transport, and during offloading inside your new home.
  • Standard custom crating services from reputable movers in Calgary start at around $100 or more per wooden crate, depending on materials, size, reinforcing measures, and overall labor involved.

Lastly, long-distance moving situations or circumstances where your new home isn’t quite ready upon move-out of the previous residence often necessitate coordinating temporary storage services during a transition. This entails securely storing a household’s worth of packed and transported possessions inside climate and access-controlled warehouse environments for durations ranging from weeks to several months if need be.

Reputable movers have partnerships with local storage facilities to coordinate short and long-term storage solutions until the permanent new accommodations are ready. Flexible storage space sizes and corresponding monthly rental rates mean finding a solution aligned with your temporary needs and budget.

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What’s the average hourly rate for Calgary movers?

Typical hourly rates range from $65-$150 per hour, depending on specifics. Expect closer to $65-$100 per hour for smaller local moves and up to $150 per hour for bigger jobs needing larger trucks and teams.

How early should I get quotes from Calgary movers?

Ideally, you should request moving quotes from Calgary movers about 4-6 weeks prior to your move date. This gives you enough time to thoroughly compare options without rushed decisions.

What’s the difference between hourly and flat rates from movers in Calgary?

Most movers in Calgary charge hourly rates for local moves based on factors like truck size needed, number of movers, distance, etc. Flat rates usually apply to longer out-of-town moves and reflect total mileage and other specifics.

What if I’m moving during the peak summer season – will my costs be higher?

It’s very likely quotes will be at the higher end of rate ranges during the busiest June-August months in Calgary. Comparing quotes from multiple movers in Calgary and emphasizing willingness for short-notice bookings can help secure deals. Offering scheduling flexibility makes you an ideal customer for sought-after summer slots.

If quotes seem to vary wildly between Calgary movers, what should I consider?

Reputable Calgary mover companies like GOTZ2Go are licensed, and insured, have undergone background checks of employees, use well-maintained equipment/trucks, and have a solid track record of safe, efficient moves. Extremely cheap quotes may involve cutting corners or inexperienced staff – so weigh cost savings against the value of service quality assurances when deciding.